The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

“The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy”. I first consciously came across these words in the song “I thank God” by Maverick City Music featuring Dante Bowe, Aaron Moses, Maryanne J. George & Chuck Butler. I’d later figure that this powerful phrase is pulled from the all True and encompassing Holy Bible.

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“Then I fell down at his feet to worship him, but he [stopped me and] said to me, “You must not do that; I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers and sisters who have and hold the testimony of Jesus. Worship God [alone]. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy [His life and teaching are the heart of prophecy].” — Revelation 19:10 AMP

It definitely had a good ring to it, the phrase — the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. But I didn’t know what the half of it meant. I didn’t even know the thousandth of its meaning. As I kept repeating and wondering about it, Holy Spirit began giving me it’s revelation by resorting to explain it in bits. Now that I think about why He chose the route of drip chambering its essence to me on a drop by drop dose; it makes all the understanding! Because this nine word phrase is in truth, as mind blowing as mind blowing gets in God’s scheme of truth, mysteries and revelations.

The first explanation He’d help me understand was given to me in April of 2021 as He inspired the blog post titled “Hearts Revealed” — which really was the product of a talk it over note He’d led me to write on a devotional I was doing on YouVersion with a few friends called “A Journey Through Luke & Acts”. I should tell you that per usual, I didn’t even have the phrase on my mind’s radar before writing. But trust Holy Spirit to always come through with the sauce, even if He needs to cause us to seemingly segue off topic, only to link us back to the point. He does this in different ways as we all give Him permission to do His thing in the various good works we’ve being called to.

I was writing about the revelation of heart postures, using Simeon’s prophecy as Mary and Joseph presented baby Jesus to the Lord in Luke 2:25-35. Simeon was a righteous and devout man who eagerly awaited the arrival of the Messiah and whose permission to die was contingent upon him seeing Him — as revealed to him by Holy Spirit —; and telling this prophecy — as inspired by Holy Spirit.

See more on blog post here:

That same month, and further down the devotional, He stretched my mind again about the phrase. The focus of that day’s study was Luke 24:1-35, the Sunday of Jesus’s Resurrection. I’ll briefly summarize the scripture and jump to the next revelation I received before sharing the talk it over notes from the devotional that a friend posted and the response Holy Spirit inspired me to write — which features the phrase.

Prior to Resurrection Sunday, women from Galilee had followed and pinned the location of the tomb where the body of Jesus was buried. They had wanted to anoint His body on Crucifixion Friday, but by the time they were done prepping spices and ointments for this, Sabbath had begun… which is one of the reasons why they had to wait till Sunday. (The main reason was because Jesus had to body the enemy and rise up. So “Jesus’s body where?”). On getting to the tomb, they found out that the stone was rolled away from its entrance and terrifyingly received the testimony of Jesus’s resurrection from two men (Angels) in dazzling clothes.

Further down into chapter 24, two of the followers — who were part of Jesus’s entourage — were enroute Emmaus, talking about all that had happened, when He appeared to them, walked with them and asked what’s tea? They were shocked by His seeming naivety about this hot tea in the land and moreso downcast because everyone had a varying version of who they perceived the Messiah to be and how they had thought He was going to rescue the Israelites from oppression. Coupled with this, they were downcast because rather than focus on the testimony they’d heard from the account of the women who saw the Angels — which had been long foretold by prophets —, they chose to focus on the women’s report of not having found Jesus’s body. Jesus then responds: “O foolish men, and slow of heart to trust and believe in everything that the prophets have spoken! Was it not necessary for the Christ to suffer these things and [only then to] enter His glory?” — Luke 24:25-26 AMP.

Holy Spirit dispensed a third drop of revelation while I was listening to the sermon and talking to my friend Zubi in church yester, 22nd August, 2021 — four months after the first —, and as He directs my left index and right thumb to type out the rest of this blog, I remain mind blown and humbled to be the Lord’s Vessel.

So the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. Jesus’s testimony is Prophecy’s Spirit. Let me enabledly explain. We understand that prophecy precedes the actualization or coming to pass of something earlier foretold, the actuality which in itself, precedes testimony. Meaning a word or vision is given, received and spoken or written — and believed — long (or short) before it’s fulfillment. After it’s fulfillment, we get to testify about it to others. This applies when it’s we — or others before us — who receive the word given; when it’s we — or others after us — who witness it’s coming to pass; and when it’s we — or others after us — who share the prophecy’s testimony.

However, when it’s Jesus’s testimony, the same doesn’t apply because Jesus’s testimony is Prophecy’s Spirit. A way to put it which I hope isn’t confusing is that the Jesus’s testimony precedes prophesies given. Meaning Jesus has already done a thing — or has made something come to pass on His end — before the prophecy about it is sent as a Word from Heaven and given to us by an Angel, priest, prophet, pastor … even more directly through friends, personally to us and incredibly by the Word turned flesh, the Savior Jesus Christ Himself. So Jesus does the deed and it’s sent as a Word to us, who wait for Holy Spirit to bring it to actualization by His power — in response to the Word given or spoken and action done by Jesus.

Below’s the talk it over notes inspired which feature the explanation of Jesus’s testimony. The first was posted by my friend SJ:

“I am a bit challenged by the attitude of Jesus in today’s passages with the 2 disciples on the road:

1. He asked them what was making them sad, waited for their answers, before starting to teach them.

2. When they approached the village, He acted like He was going farther and finally accepted to stay for the night only because they invited Him to.

I mean He could have just revealed Himself to them right after meeting them but instead, He walked on that road with them, let them express their sadness before pointing them toward The Word. He waited for them to invite Him to stay.

How are we doing in our own lives in similar situations? Yes, He will point us to the truth but He is ready to listen to us first. He will reveal Himself in our situations but after we invite Him to come in.

May God help us to always remember this 🙏”


This was my inspired response:

Amen @SJ.

I quite love how Jesus wants us to not be slow to believe, especially when He comes to us in packages we’re unused to. I reckon it’s His way of giving us greater faith through His Spirit, allowing us truly believe in and recognize Him even in unfamiliar or painful circumstances. He wants us to know it’s Him in real time. Not in hindsight. Only His Spirit is able to get us to this point of constant mind renewal and awareness because it takes His impartation for our minds, hearts and spirits to catch up to what He is doing or planning.

If His Spirit is poured out on all flesh, shouldn’t we have faith that He works through us to make us aware of His plans — fore knowledge? Are we reminded of singled out prophets in the past who spoke long ahead of things to come? Wow, the testimony of Jesus really is the Spirit of prophesy. He wants us operating based on His testimony and not our reality. May Holy Spirit quicken our innerman to catch up to the mind of Christ and heart of God.”

Phew 😅… lemme just pause here biko (please)

Till the next revealed drop is dispensed and even before then, I ask Holy Spirit, that You keep revealing the truth and mysteries of God’s Word to us by your power. I thank You as You help us stand on Jesus’s Testimonies and believe Prophecy’s Spirit in Heaven — even prior to the Word coming down and You bringing them to pass on Earth.


P.s: Please take out time to read the scriptures. Holy Spirit will illuminate.

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