Prayer: You Hold The Hearts of kings and Men.

With every breathe I enabledly draw, and as You take me through scripture, it’s evident that nothing catches You by surprise… it’s evident that every step or misstep we take is fore known by You… it’s evident that we can never run from Your will or presence because You hold the hearts of kings and of men like the rivers and You stir our hearts whichever way You will… it’s evident that You incredibly take even what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for good.

Lord, we do not care to know the difference between serving You and serving earthly rulers. We would rather fall into Your hands because of Your great mercy than into human hands.

Rather than carry on like we’re the boss of us, we thank You for giving us a change of heart Lord, for giving us a new spirit, for instilling loyalty to You in us and for humbling us to know that You have our hearts in Your hands… that it’s You Who’s working in us, giving us the desire and will to do what pleases You; that it’s You helping us by Your Spirit to do what pleases You.

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