Prayer: Dear Abba

Getting to know You is honestly the best thing that happens to me daily. Whether it’s as You’re in my thoughts, as I pray to You or as I study Your Word. So thankful that through Christ, I get to sit with You. Elated that I’m enabled to walk continually in step with Your Spirit. … Continue reading Prayer: Dear Abba

Prayer: Imagine That!

I imagine constantly, a world where we givethe Word the same energy we give the things thisworld sets in place to inform or influence us I imagine us substituting textbooks, studiesand curricula for the Word.Or career paths, life and relationship goalsand achievements for the Word.Or cultures, norms, standards, other beliefsand practices for the Word. I … Continue reading Prayer: Imagine That!

Prayer: Thank You Abba!

For stirring us away from our fleshly understanding and teaching us to lean on the understanding Your Spirit renewingly gives us. That regardless of the enemy’s lies which seem physically apparent, we might hope confidently, believing instead on the truth of Your spoken Word, it’s promises and trusting always in Your might… In You, Who … Continue reading Prayer: Thank You Abba!

Prayer: Head to Heart

Dear Holy Spirit, I thank You as You help us movefrom head to heart knowledgeof the perfect Word. I thank You as You cause the Word to permeateour minds with illuminating Light,such that we receive revelations and mysteriesfrom the perspective of the Writer; That we might not only be knowledgeableof the Word, but get the … Continue reading Prayer: Head to Heart

The State That Progressively Becomes

Fleshly speaking, I’m already tired of what it might be, leadership when this current regime is finally over. It’s as though I have pre PTSD even before tithe happens. Sigh. On the one hand, I want to believe that little pockets of strategic thinking doers are pooling ideas and resources together for the purpose of … Continue reading The State That Progressively Becomes

Prayer: Homely Hearts

Only You are able to search the hearts ofmankind to determine who’s heartbeats genuinely for you Lord. And since the heart is desperately wicked,thank You for giving us new hearts… —Your heart — that You in essence,may look at our hearts throughthe lens of Christ’s heart. So when searched through and through,our new hearts are … Continue reading Prayer: Homely Hearts

Prayer: Dear Holy Spirit

You are God’s power on earth. You are our help, in place of Jesus Christ until He returns. You are our teacher, reminding us of all He taught while He was physically here. You are our comforter, repentance enabler, pruner, mind renewer, spirit waker and transformer, utterance inspirer, prayer partner, mystery revealer, fruit developer and … Continue reading Prayer: Dear Holy Spirit