It’s The Audacity For Me!

I’ve always considered that the reason David was so confident and had the audacity to eat the Bread of the Presence—which was meant to be before God at all times and only for the priests to eat—; was because He had such an intimate relationship with God and deep understanding of Him. God’s Spirit in him gave him such faith that God knew he was on the run from Saul’s undue murder attempts and that he needed to feed his men. By faith, David believed that eating the Bread of the Presence won’t be held against him.

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That’s the kind of audacious faith I ask that You hone in us Holy Spirit… that we come to such great faith where nothing stops us from heeding Your voice and direction, even if it goes against the law; because against the fruit of Your Spirit, there is no law.

Now, as Holy Spirit gives more understanding, it’s clear that David was a King, Priest and Prophet. So apart from His deep knowledge of and closeness to God, he was justified to eat the Bread of the Presence.

Thankful Lord, that just like David, and because Jesus is our Most High Priest in the order of Melchizedek, we are kings, priests and prophets who have through Him, become justified by faith to partake in eating the Bread of Presence — through His Holy Communion.

Scripture For Further Reading
1 Samuel 21:2-6
Matthew 12:1-9
Romans 3:27-28
Psalm 10:4
Hebrews 7:17
1 Peter 2:8-9
1 Corinthians11:23-24

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