Prayer: The Mind Of Christ & Heart Of God

Praying and praying in the Spirit apart from being a conversation with God is a refresher for my soul.

More than praying for my needs, I’m super grateful for how Holy Spirit is transforming my prayer lifestyle. I love how in partnering with and receiving utterance from Him, He enables me enter God’s courts to legislate with His Heavenly Council. In so doing, God’s burdens are laid on my heart, I receive the mind of Christ and Holy Spirit enables me tarry on in prayer while He establishes God’s will and essentially, Heaven on earth.

Prayer is a lifestyle that brings glory to God. It’s in every breathe I take, every blink of mine eyes, every movement I make… all of me—my mind, body, soul and spirit—was created align to God’s Spirit and give Him glory.

Thank You Holy Spirit for teaching us to pray.

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