Prayer: Called Out Priesthood

Thank You for being Emmanuel Who lives among us Lord and for and rescuing us from our “Egypts”.

Thank You for giving us Your perspective through Your Son Jesus Christ, Who is our High Priest in the order of Melchizedek — the One Who bore every guilt, shame, chastisement on our behalf… even when we didn’t deserve this, the One Whose blood speaks for us and takes away the sin of the world in spite of the world, the One Who is now our perfect priestly example to follow.

Thank You Lord for the mind renewing understanding You’re giving us — by Your Spirit — about the priesthood You’ve separated, consecrated and ordained us to:

That it’s really a duty of servitude, to be living sacrifices pleasing for Your use; that it’s really a selfless, intercessory duty done in behalf of Christ’s Body, especially for those who are still far away in distant lands… those who’ve yet to come back to You, in spite of them;

Thank You Holy Spirit for giving us greater faith and a true heart for God’s people, for showing us His will and rescue plan for His people, for showing us He wants to be Emmanuel to all His people — even when none is deserving.

Thank You for enabling us believe enough to persevere longsufferingly in spiritual warfare for the restoration of God’s people and for being the One Who victoriously brings the God’s will and plan for His people to pass — as His power on earth working in and through us;

All for God’s glory to be seen, acknowledged and proclaimed in all the earth, and for the sake of His Son Jesus Christ.


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