Fighting Aware

It’s possible to give the enemy leeway or a foothold without knowing it. Keeping our gates guarded is so important in these times because what we consume or pay attention to influences us whether we’d like to admit it or not.

Today’s equivalent of the detestable practices of the people the Lord drove out of the land for the Israelites — and eventually, the Israelites themselves — isn’t so far fetched. Yes, there’s the stuff like child sacrifice or engaging in witchcraft and fortune telling; but today, the enemy is more cunning than he’s ever been because he does it so subtly, one might be completely taken over by him without even knowing it.

It could be by getting us to think negatively or worry instead of meditating and standing on God’s Word or focusing on Jesus. It could be enticing us to base our actions or goals on what others have said or achieved, what’s fad… and not seeking God about it first to be sure that’s why He created us. It could be entertaining the wrong content — music, movies, series, books, news — or anything that seeks to oppose the truth of the Word.

To us, it’s just a little worry which is normal giving all that’s going on in the world, following in the steps of a “role model” which is world status quo and entertainment which is just art, creative and inspiring. To the enemy who is so shrewd and cunning, it’s a myriad of tiny little tricks that he uses to engage his prey subliminally till he has it completely vulnerable so he can pounce.

But! We are thankful Lord, that You teach us by Your Spirit, how not to give the enemy an opportunity. Thank You for reminding us to be fully aware of the enemy’s schemes, to guard our gates and to focus on You; so that we can come into all truth, mind renew, heart reposture and reclaim every lost soul and territory for Your Kingdom.

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