Prayer: Through The Trial

Through every wait, trial and storm that’s before Your renewed strength, awesome verdict and perfect peace:

It’s how we needn’t second guess Your say, promises and counsel because they’re final, perfect and always stand Lord.

It’s how You’re the ultimate Orchestrator, setting us up to walk in the predetermined plans and good works You’ve had and prepared for us even before You formed us Lord.

It’s how the nitty gritties such as healing, renewing mindsets, transforming spirits, godly wisdom, intimacy with You, the enablement to see things like You do…; are all interwoven in the essence of the wait, trials and storms You carry us through Lord.

For these, keeping us anchored and so much more, I’m grateful. I ask that You help us realize the need to keep You informed about our desires, and rawly so… through every wrestle and tear.


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