Prayer: Dear Trinity — Intimacy

I thank You because intimacy and insight don’t happen because we’ve won some medals or VIP passes ourselves. Nothing separates us from Your love in Christ Jesus. This is Your premise for intimacy with You. That we can come up hither not because we’re perfect, but in spite of our imperfections, for Your love isn’t given because we are perfect. You see us through the lens that is Christ.

I thank You because in being intimate with You, we can hand over our imperfections to You as You help us understand that intimacy is a two way street with a triad carriage lane — with Jesus our Redeemer, Holy Spirit our Helper and Abba our Father at one end, and with us at the other end of it.

I thank You because as You enable us see into You we can be entirely open and unashamed of You seeing into us, even the parts we’re not proud of. As You see into us, You tell us about ourselves, empty us of us and fill us up with You — with Your righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit —, essentially share Your Kingdom plan with us and commission us as conduits who carry/bring Your Kingdom on/to earth as it is in Heaven.

I thank You for this intimacy, that we might hear from Heaven, legislate and partake in Heavenly proceedings in order to execute Your perfect laws on earth as enabled by Your Spirit.


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