The State That Progressively Becomes

Fleshly speaking, I’m already tired of what it might be, leadership when this current regime is finally over. It’s as though I have pre PTSD even before tithe happens. Sigh. On the one hand, I want to believe that little pockets of strategic thinking doers are pooling ideas and resources together for the purpose of building a template that works for and benefits all, leadership and followership included. On the other hand, I’m concerned that we’d find ourselves back at and continuing on from where the previous leaders left off. Sigh. On a third and more promising hand, I’m trusting that Ọlọrun à gba àkóso — God will take control… and all will be well. This last hand is the best antidote for pre, current and post TSDs by the way, spiritually affirming. Bliss.

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Been reading the books of kings. In the fraction of a summary, an unrepentant king would literally be assassinated by an official or person that thought the seating king should be removed because of their detestable practices — following the ways of the nations driven away from the land ahead of the Israelites, allowing asherah poles to keep standing and doing what was evil in God’s sight. And even though a couple hand full of them were enabled to do what pleased God, they’d still leave pagan shrines standing, thus, giving room for the Israelites to offer sacrifices to other gods.

But the thing that baffles me, which I’m hoping Holy Spirit will help us understand is how the same usurping successor of the assassinated king would wind up just as displeasing as his predecessor or even worse off in his leadership style; and thus, seemingly taking the Israelites (essentially us all) farther and farther away from the people they were (we are) called to be — God’s chosen. Please note the need to personalize and juxtapose because truthfully speaking, we’re not so far off from the Old Testament Israelites ourselves.

I used “seemingly” because no matter how baffled we might be about the cyclical distancing machines the Israelites made themselves to be, God is always aware way ahead of time and therefore unsurprised or ‘ununderstrategized’ in His ultimate plan to redeem His strayed Chosen. We eventually see how this plan plays out through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, by whom we’re saved, born again, justified, sanctified and restored.

The repetitive nature of displeasing God — both on the side of OT Israelites and ourselves —, seems to me like a case of ‘repercussions caused by judging and thus being judged’; but also a case of ‘as long as we continue to lean on ourselves to rule and be king over ourselves, we’d always fumble the throne’. Judge and be judged because if we individually look at what the other is or isn’t doing from one or multiple sided vantage points, we can never have the full advantage of seeing all views from all vantage points — unless we are God. We can never also put on the same shoe the other is wearing at the same time they have it on. Fumble the throne in that as long as it’s flawed men or women who seat on it, the position will never have the perfect rulership outcome — unless it’s filled by the King Himself.

What I’m essentially being led to share is, rather than judge a predecessor to eventually become a successor who throne fumbles, rather than aim for instant perfection when it comes to leadership — and any other thing in life; progression is entirely key and always achievable. Because it entails factors that pertain to becoming. So we’re at A and we want to get to Z. We walk from A to B, all the way through to Z. We don’t just jump straight from A to Z. Yes, there’s opportunities and justifications for skipping some letters based on oddities that show one is well equipped or grasps quicker than the average; but there is a reason for due process. Due process that’s engraved in the constant working on and improving of values, character, morals, ethics, integrity, standards, systems, functionality and beliefs based on applicability at the period of time. Individually and collectively.

We also can’t neglect the roles that backgrounds, differences, understanding and forgiveness play. Because even though backgrounds will always defer based on influence, environs and circumstances; learning in order to get a better understanding — and to fully forgive — will always be the prerequisite to acceptance and moving forward as a cooperative. Of which cooperation is the perfect ingredient to operating successfully. There indeed is a reason why a house divided will fall and why the Spirit always needs to be One. One, not in the sense of replication as robotics. But One, in that we can be unified in spite of diversity because even diversity at some point, under the right arrangement can lead to coordinated completion. Sort of like how different puzzle pieces can come together to form a bigger picture… which should always be the focus and in this case, points towards building a template for Nigeria that works for and benefits all, leadership and followership included.

This is why I’m leaning towards the third hand of hope. Hope that the King Himself who is the only Able Ruler will step in through willing and progressing vessels, kind of like the strategic-idea-pooling thinkers and doers who come together to understand and who can therefore cooperate.

“And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” — Mark 3:25 AMP

“…Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace.” — Ephesians 4:2b-3 NLT

More Scripture
1 Samuel 8:1-9
Matthew 7:1-5
Isaiah 26:12-15

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