Royal Exit: Harry, Meghan, You & I.

Currently studying the first book of Samuel and as the Holy Spirit enables, I’m led to compare chapters 7 and 8 with Harry and Meghan’s withdrawal from the British family’s royal duties and its impact on the world; because I find that the Word of God speaks on and parallels everything in life.

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1 Samuel 8 tells of Israel’s request for a king/ruler, Samuel’s warning against a kingdom/rulership and their insistence regardless. The first highlight here — as is shown all through the Word — is the principle of cause and effect, one thing leading to another. In Chapter 7, we see that Samuel had been a judge over Israel, leading them back into a type of right standing with God by letting them know what’s tea — that if they turned their hearts away from other gods and back to the Lord, He’d rescue them from their oppressors. And so they did. They fasted and confessed their sins. These acts, coupled with Samuel offering prayers and sacrifices to God on their behalf and acknowledging Him as their help, resulted in peace and the restoration of captured territories back to the Israelites. Here, cause and effects’ principle is model worthy.

So the Israelites are basically enjoying rest on all sides and judge Samuel is getting old. He chooses to appoint his sons, Joel and Abijah — who unlike their daddy were greedy, accepted bribes and perverted justice — to be judges over Israel; thus leading the Israelite elders to suggest that perhaps, Israel needed to copy other nations and crown a king. “Fair enough”, you might say, but not all effects of causes are model worthy because we eventually come to realization of how some decisions taken negatively affect, rather than positively effect us. Which is why Samuel was upset with their request. The Israelites should’ve known better… because something about God?, He’ll let you do what you want to do, but not without warnings that clearly state the outcomes for your request — be it good or bad. So you don’t come back to ask “but why didn’t You tell me Lord?”.

Don’t get me wrong, Israel was right in clocking that Samuel’s sons were not the one to serve as judges given their reputation; but wrong in their motives, thinking a human crowned king would solve their problems. For the most part, we know they coveted other nations and in so doing, forgot they had the King of kings on their side. And what happens when we take our focus off the ultimate Help, Battle Winner, Provider, Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness etc? We simply lose our privileges… because what man is capable of doing anything perfectly in their own strength? Even if we look — beyond “Biblical times” and through out history — at present day kings and kingdoms or presidents and countries; we’d see that Samuel’s warnings were and are still apt for crowning a king. I mean, just take a look at the current state of the world.

The second and main highlight from these chapters for me — which I’d like to position beside Harry and Meghan’s exit from the royal family — focuses more on the point I’d made earlier about Israel’s restitution to God through judge Samuel. Here’s what the Holy Spirit revealed is really tea about the royal exit in comparison with chapter 7… it’s that turning away from a man made kingdom is literally what Harry and Meghan have done; which is a representation of the spiritual posture of members who make up body of Christ. We’re Israel in Chapter 7 in that — we turn our hearts away from other gods and back to the Lord and He rescues us from our oppressors. Harry and Meghan mayn’t know this but what their action represents in the spirit is our renouncement of the agendas of earthly kingdoms in the spiritual which eventually manifests in the physical; and the realignment of earth — which is the Lord’s, and its fullness thereof — with the Kingdom of God and His agenda to establish it on earth as it is in Heaven.

Now imagine if in chapter 8, the request of Israel’s elders was for new judges with integrity or for even the Judge of judges to rule them. That’ll definitely be a cause and effect worth modeling. Imagine if chapter 7 now follows chapter 8, where we turn our hearts away from other gods and back to the Lord, confess our sins, fast, offer up prayers and our bodies as living sacrifices to God and acknowledge Him as our help! This is the me I ask the Holy Spirit daily to enable me be, because who no like privileges? Then when they’re now from God? Izzolova for the enemy!!!

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  1. Not bad actually I miss u in mainstream I wish you could bring all this positive light energy into the mainstream music not boxed into religion but showing out the lifestyle wish we could really talk


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