The Chosen Generation; Shouts to The Youth – Nigeria’s Justice League!!!

Reading Exodus 35 and I can’t but mirror vs 21 through 29 with how the youth have all come together to donate their person, funds, resources, voices, skills, businesses, utterances — you name it, for a common goal and cause.

I can’t help but mirror vs 30 through 35, how Bezalel and Ohiliab were filled with God’s Spirit, His wisdom, ability, expertise in skill… in order to teach the Israelite craftsmen; with how FK, Mo, Jollz, Tola, FemCo, Falz, BankyW and all Youth who’ve been proactive onsite, offsite and in Spirit — who I call Nigeria’s Justice League —; have worked together in the #EndSARS #EndSWAT movements, in order to show that the New Nigeria CAN and WILL function… as though we’re all being led by One Spirit.

Source: @OOCharles_ on Twitter

All of this mirrored proactivity I’m seeing with us as in Exodus 35, came after Moses had spent time with God and seen God’s glory. Note, that I’m not calling any specific person Moses, however, the characteristics and anointing he embodied have been poured out on several men and women over time. So the revolution, turnaround and revival Nigerians are experiencing in October 2020 are just some of the ripple effects of this anointing.

Before Exodus 35 God had given Moses the terms of His covenant, instructions for the priests and their priestly garments, Sabbath regulations, instructions for the Tabernacle amongst others. He gave craftsmen special skills to carry it all out. — Exodus 31:2-3, 6 NLT

Putting Nigeria’s Justice League who’ve been proactive onsite, offsite and in Spirit aside for a second; the Body of Christ have acknowledged now more than ever that it is time to step out, and that the church isn’t a building, neither is it in just one particular place; — John 4:20-21 NLT

the Body of Christ have acknowledged that it’s time to step out and take the Gospel into the world to bring God’s Kingdom on earth, that His will may be done on earth as it is in Heaven; — Mark 16:15 NLT; Matthew 6:10 AMP

the Body of Christ have acknowledged that God is Spirit and therefore seeking those who worship Him in Spirit and in truth. — John 4:23-24 NLT

Call it what you may, disagree with this if you like, persecute me if you must!, but I’m enabled to understand and tell you that all of this?,

— all that’s rippling as a result of the nationwide protests?, where we’re seeing Nigerian Youth lead and show out in a way most of us have never been able to fully experience as Nigerians?, where as in the words of @cchisorom “This is the Nigerian Dream💪🏾🇳🇬” —;

Source: @cchisorom on Twitter

is what being priests set apart to seek God’s presence for the purpose of justice and passing judgment (verdict, judicial decisions and ultimately, God’s will for His people); — Exodus 28:1 NLT; Exodus 28:30b AMP;

and spreading His light is all about. God’s People!, this is what Church is all about! — 1 Peter 2:9 TPT; Isaiah 61:1 AMP; Luke 4:18 AMP; Isaiah 1:17 NLT

Through these #EndSARS #EndSWAT protests, and despite the push-back scampering tactics of the leadership which we know really is the enemy; we have witnessed lawyers defending the cause of those unduly locked up recently and for years before now. We have witnessed defense of the causes of so many marginalized people. We have witnessed freedom of some of the oppressed, enlightenment, forgiveness, honesty, good character, one for all – all for one-ism, selflessness, consideration, donations and a broadcast of all these good deeds!!!

It’s all of that for me. ALL OF THAT!!! The kindness. The donations. The energy. The attitude. The Oneness in Spirit! Church, you can’t but admit that this is clearly a Move of God!!! Take your qualms with me up with the Spirit leading me to write this if you must. Test my spirit! And if you bear witness with me, if you bear the same fruit from the same branch I’m cut out from which is attached to The Vine, you’ll know that it’s God’s Spirit. You’ll know that you can’t fight Him because His counsel stands! He plan is perfect. His Word never fails. But hey, try your luck! 🤷🏾‍♀️

Anyways, this is my prayer 🙏🏾

I pray the Body of Christ wakes up again.
I pray for Godly wisdom, enlightenment and understanding.
I pray for the strength and courage to step out in 2s and 3s. Because The Body of Christ is Anointed! The Greatest is in us. Greater that the enemy in the world.
I pray we realise that ours isn’t to keep funding buildings and continue in politics and protocols of “church leadership and followership” because buildings aren’t the ones in need of salvation, justice, peace and the Good News. It’s the people!!!

Now think of the domino effect of worldwide protests that have happened in 2020 for freedom, justice, accountability, peace and equality amongst others. The Spirit of God is One and is poured out on all flesh!!! — Joel 2:28-29 AMP

  • Sons and Daughters have prophesied.
  • Old Men have dreamed dreams.
  • Young Men have seen visions.
  • Male and Female Servants have God’s Spirit.

We Pin! Let’s Step Out!!!

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