Tune Into God’s Frequency

God is always speaking. We just have to be in tune. On His frequency.

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Its kinda like listening to a radio station. If you’re trying to listen to The Beat 99.9fm but you’re dialed in to 98.9, you’d hear a lot of radio static. You’d probably hear some radio frequency interference from say… Soundcity 98.5fm. Because it’s closer on the scale to 98.9fm than 99.9fm is.

The closer you get to 99.9fm, the clearer it becomes and when you finally dial in right to the exact decimal, you’d hear either Toolz, Gbemi or *insert OAP of your choice* blasting through the airwaves. You know their voices because you listen to them on a daily basis. You can even tell who’s who when they’re both bantering during the time they spend changing over from The Midday Show to The Drive Time Show.

It’s the same with hearing God’s voice and knowing it’s Him speaking. When you seek Him. When you spend time in His Word. Daily. When you follow Him. When you pray and beyond praying to speak, when you pray to listen. You’d start to get an understanding of His Character. His Tone. The nuances between His Approval and Disapproval.

And if you listen well enough, you’d hear Him speak clearly through friends, movies, novels, a magazine, a song lyric, a bird flying, a flowing stream, the bubbles as water in a pot is coming to a boil, the downpour of torrential rains or light sprinkles, the rustle of the wind, the crackle of a fire… even through the hustle and bustle of traffic… You’d hear Him and know He’s speaking because His sheep who follow Him know His voice.

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

John 10:27 NLT

When you hear static or interference, you know you’re not on the right dial. So you keep searching. The same is applicable you hear several voices. You also need to sift through and keep searching to find and be sure which of the many voices is God speaking.

So if you haven’t already, ask Him to speak to you. Believe in your heart that He does. Then pay attention.

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