Prayer: Building Walls & Setting Up Gates Like Nehemiah.

The task of rebuilding the walls is much deeper than just laying brick on brick and is necessary to keep the enemy out because walls left destroyed and ear, eye, heart and all other gates left unguarded leave room or footholds for the enemy to come and stay in — essentially for him to establish … Continue reading Prayer: Building Walls & Setting Up Gates Like Nehemiah.

Prayer: Graft & ReGraft

All Powerful, Most High God, You have the power and are more than able to graft branches — from other wild trees… as well as broken branches that were originally from Your Tree — back into Your Tree. Thank You Lord for willing to do something quite contrary to nature… for Grafting and Regrafting us … Continue reading Prayer: Graft & ReGraft

Prayer: Lord, Have Mercy!

Lord, we do not presume to be faultless or better than the Israelites. We in truth are just like the Israelites who fall short of Your glory time and time again, paying the attention we ought to give You to other things… worry, our worldly possessions and achievements, the desires of our flesh, our race … Continue reading Prayer: Lord, Have Mercy!

One and Ninety-Nine

We focus a lot on the lost one that gets found. Heaven rejoices more over the one who repents and turns back to God. But for some reason, we ignore the ninety-nine, not considering the part where they are left in the wilderness… not paying attention to the truth that the ninety-nine actually need to … Continue reading One and Ninety-Nine

Prayer: You Hold The Hearts of kings and Men.

With every breathe I enabledly draw, and as You take me through scripture, it’s evident that nothing catches You by surprise… it’s evident that every step or misstep we take is fore known by You… it’s evident that we can never run from Your will or presence because You hold the hearts of kings and … Continue reading Prayer: You Hold The Hearts of kings and Men.

If We Had One Ask

It’s so interesting how God looks at our heart posture and makes allowances when we ask… especially because He sees the intent of our actions whether we act within or outside the confines of the law. It’s like a paradigm shift. Where pleasing God is paramount and in line with having the Spirit’s Fruit; against … Continue reading If We Had One Ask

It’s The Audacity For Me!

I’ve always considered that the reason David was so confident and had the audacity to eat the Bread of the Presence—which was meant to be before God at all times and only for the priests to eat—; was because He had such an intimate relationship with God and deep understanding of Him. God’s Spirit in … Continue reading It’s The Audacity For Me!

Nesting & Navigating

Came home, realised a bird had decided to make a home by my bathroom window and got to thinking about the wisdom a bird must have to navigate while nesting… Source: Web Certainly, he (I googled this to be sure who does the building) must’ve flown to and fro in his quest to find sticks … Continue reading Nesting & Navigating

Prayer: The Mind Of Christ & Heart Of God

Praying and praying in the Spirit apart from being a conversation with God is a refresher for my soul. More than praying for my needs, I’m super grateful for how Holy Spirit is transforming my prayer lifestyle. I love how in partnering with and receiving utterance from Him, He enables me enter God’s courts to … Continue reading Prayer: The Mind Of Christ & Heart Of God

Picky Servants: Unspoilt For Choice

Source: Web “If you refuse to listen to the Lord your God and to obey the commands and decrees he has given you, all these curses will pursue and overtake you until you are destroyed. These horrors will serve as a sign and warning among you and your descendants forever. If you do not serve … Continue reading Picky Servants: Unspoilt For Choice